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Glimepiride Manufacturer In India

Glimepiride Manufacturer In India

Glimepiride Manufacturer In India

Searching for a reliable and efficient GLIMEPIRIDE MANUFACTURER IN INDIA that can stick to tight deadlines and provide high-quality APIs and Intermediates?

Head to Shobha Life Sciences today!

Founded in 2021 with the goal to redefine what’s possible and challenge the established norms, we have built a reputation for ourselves with our relentless pursuit of quality, innovation, and effectiveness. Dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients and patients with equal urgency, we abide by a slew of quality regulations which includes WHO-GMP, ISO, and ICE just to name a few. Additionally, we also ensure that we meet client specific requests to deliver tailored health solutions as needed.

One of our biggest achievements is that we have successfully combined R&D effort with our organisational goals. We have commissioned the R&D team with a CAGR of 10-15% annually and have committed to development of 15-20 molecules for DMF filing. We have built a team of industry experts and other professionals who understand the nitty gritty of API synthesis.

For the most trusted GLIMEPIRIDE MANUFACTURER IN INDIA, head to Shobha Life Sciences today.

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