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Dimethyl-2-Chloromalonate Manufacturer


Dimethyl-2-Chloromalonate Suppliers

Shobha Life Sciences are a leading dimethyl-2-chloromalonate manufacturers in india. We are Gmp and ISO Certified company. We were incorporated in 2021. It serves as a leading contract research organisation providing facilities for various pre-clinical experiments such as stability studies, toxicological, pharmacokinetic, and efficacy studies.

We offer our services to various health institutions in the country and abroad. Dimethyl 2-chloromalonate is an organic compound that contains a malonic acid ester functional group and a chloro substituent on the 2-position of the malonic acid. It is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of various chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals. The compound is highly reactive and can be hydrolysed to form malonic acid and methyl alcohol.

It is used in the synthesis of various chemical compounds and pharmaceutical drugs. Some specific examples are:

· Used as a starting material for certain drugs such as anti-inflammatories, fungicides, and agricultural chemicals. · Used as an intermediate for the production of artificial sweeteners and other flavourings. · Used in the preparation of cyclic imide esters and cyclic amides. · Used in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds.

Point to be noted, dimethyl-2-chloromalonate is extremely reactive and toxic. It needs to be handled carefully in a controlled environment.

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