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Chloromalonoic acid Dimethyl Ester Manufacturers

Chloromalonoicacid Dimethyl Ester

Chloromalonoic acid Dimethyl Ester Exporters

Shobha Life Sciences is a market leader in the manufacturing of chloromalonoic acid dimethyl ester along with a wide range of other chemical compounds for various medical applications in the health industry. We employ proper manufacturing practices and thus are ISO and GMP certified.

Shobha Life Sciences is one of the top contract research organisations providing facilities for various pre-clinical experiments such as stability studies, pharmacokinetic, toxicological, and efficacy studies. Founded in 2021 to bring about a quantum change in the health industry; we have expanded our scope over time while adhering to various global regulatory standards and delivering high-quality bulk pharmaceutical drugs. We are the largest chloromalonoic acid dimethyl ester manufacturers in the market and also offer a wide range of drugs for various medical applications. Chloromalonoic acid dimethyl ester is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C6H9CIO4. It is colourless, soluble in water, and has a bitter taste. It is not commonly found in nature. It is used in the synthesis of various compounds and certain pharmaceutical drugs.

Here at Shobha Life Sciences, our goal as a top chloromalonoic acid dimethyl ester manufacturers is not merely driven by market demand. We seek to bring about a sea of change in the health industry that will improve its capabilities and help create a disease-free world.

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