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Bilastine Manufacturers In India

Bilastine Manufacturers In India

Bilastine Exporters

Shobhalifesciences are one of the leading Bilastine exporters in india that provide high-quality drugs for various requirements. Established in 2021, we employ good manufacturing practices and thus are ISO and GMP certified


  1. Bilastine is a second-generation antihistamine medication ,bilastine used for used to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and urticaria (hives).
  2. It is a specific H1 receptor antagonist that blocks the binding of histamine to H1 receptors, preventing the symptoms associated with allergic reactions.
  3. It is available as an oral tablet or oral solution and is taken once daily. It starts to work within 20 minutes of taking it and has a faster action compared to first-generation antihistamines.

Our Work Process:

Shobha Life Sciences specialises in contract research organisations providing facilities for various pre-clinical experiments such as stability studies, pharmacokinetic, toxicological, and efficacy studies. We are also a leading bilastine manufacturers in India along with numerous other medications and intermediates. we have expanded our scope and offered various services to our clients while complying with global regulatory mandates and delivering high-quality drugs.

We are led by a leadership team of four highly enterprising individuals with a combined experience of 60 years. Our goal as a top bilastine manufacturers in India is to seamlessly combine our r & d team of Bilastine Manufacturers with our organisational goals and deliver high-quality drugs to those who need them the most. We operate three shifts with 2MT production in every shift. Our warehouse of 6000 sq. ft provides ample storage space for all our inventory. We are also in the process of getting approvals from international regulatory bodies such as WHO, CEP, ISO, and USFDA so we can create confidence in all our stakeholders.

Our Committment:

  • International Marketing Available
  • Meet International Quality Standards
  • Superior Quality
  • Quick delivery
  • Prolonged Customer service
  • Stay connect with us today
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